Anxiety is the hand maiden of creativity.

T.S. Eliot

Exceptional artists like David Bowie or John Lennon often talked in interviews about having massive stage fright before upcoming events. Even geniuses like Albert Einstein have felt first-hand what performance and exam anxiety feels like:

„People who want to perform on a stage, in front of a camera, microphone, at exams or at competitions know that they often can’t show their personal excellence in these very special situations. Feeling quesy in ‚performing situations‘ results in presenting one’s knowledge and skills to an only limited extent. The public stage, may it be a lectern, a camera, a board meeting or an actual stage, acts as a magnifying glass for personal uncertainties and lack of self-value and further more as a reactivator of former negative performance experiences. This is common experience, especially for the best among us, as they usually put the most intense pressure on themselves.“
Dr. Michael Bohne, the leading expert in the area of performance coaching from Germany, illustrates with these words what a person who can’t perform (yet) is experiencing.

The aim of a personally tailored performance coaching is to feel comfortable facing an audience, no matter how small or huge it may be. As soon as you feel at ease with being on the ’stage‘, you can demonstrate your personal excellence. So what performance coaching can do for you is to learn to feel comfortable during exams, on stage, behind the microphone, in an application situation or at the lectern. You will be able to talk freely and stay focused on the relevant topics. You will zero in on the agenda as well as on the questions which are about to answer. You’ll experience your well deserved success – let‘s start working on your goals!

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