A good network is of extraordinary value

Ulla Augl-Schatzl

Praxisgemeinschaft Carpe Diem Linz

Carpe Diem is an association of experts originating from different professions (clinical and health psychologists, psychotherapists, supervisors, psychological counsellors as well as coaches) who offer help and support. As a member of this association, I work closely with my colleagues in order to meet our clients‘ requirements as good as possible.

Cooperation with Employee Assistance Programs:

Kraftwandler is proud to announce the cooperation with two EAP Service Networks with an excellent reputation:

IGEMO – Linz, Austria
Corrente AG – Kiel, Germany

All coachings and councelling sessions are held to my best knowledge and belief with guaranteed and absolute confidentiality and in compliance with the applicable law in Austria. In particular regarding the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR Art.2), I hereby note that I do not process any personal data in the sense of storage in a filing system.

In this section below you will find information on legal details (available in German only) that may be relevant in relation to coaching or counseling:

Rechtliche Grundlagen zur psychologischen Beratung

Datenschutzgrundverordnung der Europäischen Union