Human meets human

Viktor Frankl

Why did I choose to become a coach? What has motivated me?

First of all, our professional world which has been constantly changing for a number of years, has inspired me to do so. The increasing digitalisation has greatly accelerated our communication processes. Permanent availability at any time and for everyone as well as decisions which are expected to be made immediately are just two of the symptoms of our professional lives.

Which effects are caused by this pace and constant preasure to perform?

There is hardly time left to breathe and think unless you actively choose to allow yourself some space. Within the coaching tools I had found a suitable answer to this phenomenon: coaching means freedom to stop, rest and find a strategy. A good coach is a companion and always meets his counterpart on an equal footing. With your coach as an active listener, you can think aloud and thus find answers to questions. Confidentiality is the top premise – that’s the only way to guarantee that you feel comfortable and encouraged to address all the scenarios that may cross your mind.

Coaching and counselling mean freedom, deceleration, further development, retreat and deliberately planned time for reflection to me. It is wonderful to accompany my clients and to be able to participate in their success!

Sincerly Yours, Ulla Augl-Schatzl

Born in Linz, Upper Austria in 1977.

Graduate from Social Economics (Diploma Program Johannes Kepler University Linz) as well as Master of Business Administration with specialisation in Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Management, Key Account Management, English Business Language and Sales Management.

Coaching education at University of Cambridge, UK and FAB Organos – College of Systemic Coaching, Linz (Diploma Systemic Coaching).

Started working as a coach and consultant in 2010. Twenty years of professional experience within multinational organisations in the areas of strategic planning, support technician for surgeries in the OR, sales and marketing positions (Medtronic and HP).

Certified Business Coach – ISO / IEC 17024: 2012 certified

Certified Business Coaches work with scientifically proven coaching methods and – as part of the ISO / IEC 17024: 2012 certification – have to proove relevant scientific knowledge as well as successful practical experience on a regular basis.